Choosing Door Styles in Green Cove Springs FL

Door styles Green Cove Springs FL

Choosing the right door for your home in Green Cove Springs FL can make a big difference in its overall aesthetic. Professional door contractors can help you choose the best front door to suit your style and budget.

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The Green Cove Springs Historic District encompasses 113 contributing and non-contributing resources, most of which were constructed between 1878 and 1938. These buildings served a variety of commercial, governmental, recreational, religious, and civic functions.

Many of the historic structures in the district are characterized by vernacular designs. Frame Vernacular dominates the residential building types. Masonry Vernacular is the predominant design type for the commercial buildings in the district. High style designs are not represented in the district.

One exception is the Oui-Si-Sana Hotel at 321 Walnut Street (photos 20-21), built in 1907. The hotel reflects the Spanish Mission Revival style popular in Florida at that time. Its features include a moderately-pitched, front-facing gable roof with open eaves and wood shingle surfacing; triangular louvered dormers; and a large square masonry structure with central courtyard.


During this period, residential construction continued to expand in Green Cove Springs. A significant number of these structures were constructed in a six block area bounded by Palmer and Spring Streets on the north and south, and Magnolia and Pine Avenues on the east and west. These buildings were primarily influenced by the Frame Vernacular architectural style.

Masonry vernacular buildings were also built in this time. These buildings were characterized by a front-facing gable roof, wood shingle cladding, and triangular louvered dormers. Examples of these buildings included the City Hall, constructed in 1938 (photo 5), and the Clubhouse of the Village Improvement Association at 17 North Palmetto Street. These historic buildings served a variety of civic, social, and religious functions.


The aesthetic of your home is an important consideration when choosing a door and window style. You want your home to look cohesive and refined, and your doors and windows should complement its overall design. The aesthetic of your home should also match the surroundings, so you’ll want to avoid styles that clash with their location.

The Green Cove Springs Historic District encompasses the most significant commercial, governmental, recreational, and religious buildings constructed in the city during its initial period of development (1869-1884). It includes an approximately fifty-four block area bounded by St. Johns River and Center Street on the north, Walnut Street and St. Johns Avenue on the south, and Orange Avenue on the east and west.

The property is well maintained, and its features include floor-to-ceiling windows that offer stunning views of the Saint Johns River. This home is perfect for those looking for a beautiful, peaceful retreat from the everyday hustle and bustle of life.


Aside from boosting your home’s aesthetic appeal, front entry doors are also a good security investment. They’re made of sturdy materials that are durable against weather elements and trespassers. They’re also designed with a variety of safety measures, including door, window, and garage sensors. Moreover, they can be paired with a smart home system for added peace of mind.

Aside from defending your Green Cove Springs home against trespassers, a comprehensive alarm system also monitors fire and flood conditions in your property. It also provides you with real-time footage and alerts through your mobile device. Furthermore, a professionally installed and monitored security system from ADT will help you avoid unnecessary expenses from a fire incident. ADT’s smart fire monitoring detectors can detect smoke and send notifications straight to your mobile devices even when you’re away from home.

Energy efficiency

Front entry doors are the focal point of a home, making them a valuable investment that can boost your property value. A good door contractor can offer a wide selection of styles, sizes, and materials to suit your aesthetic preferences. They can also help you choose doors that meet energy efficiency requirements for your climate.

ENERGY STAR rated doors have excellent insulation and weather sealing, which reduces air leakage and improves energy efficiency. They also have low solar heat gain coefficient and a high U-factor, which help keep your home cool and comfortable. To find a front door with an ENERGY STAR rating, look for the National Fenestration Rating Council label. This will help you compare the energy performance ratings of different products. ENERGY STAR equipment qualifies for rebates, which can offset the cost of installation and increase your utility bill savings.