Double Pane Windows Green Cove Springs FL

Double pane windows Green Cove Springs FL

When you replace your windows, double panes provide a number of benefits. Among them are energy efficiency, improved home resale value and noise reduction. GreenCal Construction is here to walk you through the process of choosing and installing double pane windows in your home.

Tests showed a pricey Andersen double-hung clad wood window, $500, wasn’t very good at keeping out heat; a top-rated Kolbe vinyl casement, $260, excelled. Upgrades included argon gas, which improves efficiency, and low-E coating, which reduces glare while letting light in.

Upgraded Appearance

Adding new windows can greatly enhance the appearance of your home or commercial building. They are available in a wide range of styles, colors and finishes, allowing you to match the look of your property. New windows will also help save on energy costs and reduce the environmental impact of your building.

Window options include double-hung windows, which slide up and down within the frame; sliders, which open left or right; bay and bow windows, which offer more interior room space and a panoramic view. Wood-frame windows are usually the most expensive, but they can be painted or stained in a variety of colors to match your home’s decor.

Renewal by Andersen is an eco-conscious company that offers a number of energy-efficient windows. Its products are rated by Energy Star, and the company’s customer service representatives are dedicated to helping you select the perfect windows for your Green Cove Springs FL property. Pricing information is not available on the company’s website, but you can request a free quote.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Aside from improving your home’s aesthetics double pane windows can also reduce the amount of energy you need to heat and cool your house. This can save you up to 50% in energy bills and contribute to the green movement.

In the winter, a standard window allows cold air to seep into your home, pulling warmth away from you and making you feel chilly sitting near the window. ENERGY STAR certified windows prevent this from happening and keep your house warmer.

The summers can get pretty hot in Green Cove Springs and homeowners often rely on their air conditioner to cool their homes. ENERGY STAR windows help decrease how much warm air escapes your home, which can save you up to $365 per year on energy bills. They also soften outside noises, which can improve your sleep and relaxation.

Increased Resale Value

Besides saving money on your energy bills, installing double-pane windows Green Cove Springs FL will also increase the resale value of your home. However, you should look for a window installation company that is reputable and has a long track record. For instance, Renewal by Andersen is an established window installation company with over 27 years of experience. The company offers a wide selection of window styles and features.

Its products are backed by an extensive warranty and excellent customer reviews. Furthermore, they are designed to be environmentally sustainable. This means that they use a smart system to operate, support solar or wind energy generation and make use of low-flow sinks and toilets.

St. Mary’s was organized as a mission church in 1878 to serve visitors from Boston and elsewhere sojourning during winter in Clay County, where there were hot mineral springs and grand hotels. The intricate stained glass windows in the church depict virtues like faith, charity and hope.

Impact-Resistant Front Windows

Originally, impact-resistant windows were introduced as a way to protect homes in hurricane-prone areas. Since then, builders and homeowners across the country have discovered this home upgrade’s other advantages.

These windows feature an inner laminate layer of polyvinyl butyral that sits compressed between two sheets of heat strengthened glass. Though it may shatter on impact, this inner layer holds the pieces together. This allows them to withstand debris flying at triple-digit speeds and resist penetration from would-be intruders.

They also stifle noise and block out harsh sun rays that can fade your curtains, carpets, and furniture. Combined with the energy efficiency benefits, they can boost your resale value significantly. Plus, many insurance companies offer discounts on homeowner policies for homes with impact-resistant windows and doors. For these reasons and more, this is a smart financial move for any homeowner in the market to upgrade their home.