How Front Entry Doors Can Enhance the Look and Security of Your Home

Front entry doors Green Cove Springs FL

A quality front door is more than just a way for you to enter your home. It also offers security, protection from the elements, and energy efficiency.

A screened entry keeps out lizards, insects, house flies and other pests that make their homes in your vestibule during the day and at night. During the day, it lets you enjoy the beautiful Florida weather.

Impact Resistant

Your front door is the first impression your guests get of your home, but it’s also an important security feature. SIW’s impact decorative doors are built for beauty and functionality, with a wide range of styles that enhance the look of your home and provide protection from severe weather and burglars.

Unlike builder’s standard doors, impact doors are designed to withstand high winds and debris strike. They’re made from reinforced door skins with a specialized core that holds together even when struck.

This sturdy construction also helps to reduce energy loss from your home. Impact doors can be insulated and have Low-E coatings to reduce heat transfer, keeping your home comfortable year round. In addition, some impact doors block up to 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays. Homeowners insurance companies often offer discounts for homes with impact-resistant windows and doors in areas prone to hurricanes. This makes these doors an affordable and reliable defense against the Florida storms.

Hurricane Impact

When you live in Florida, hurricanes can cause serious destruction. An impact resistant front door helps protect your home during the storm and also makes it more difficult for intruders to enter. Wright’s Impact Window and Door offers high-quality front doors that comply with Miami-Dade and Florida Building Code requirements for hurricane resistance.

In a 130 mph Category 3 hurricane, an impact door will have 580 pounds of pressure applied to it. That’s the equivalent of two men standing, if not jumping, on it.

If the seal of your home’s front door is breached, water and debris could damage the interior of your house and injure loved ones seeking shelter inside. That’s why it is important to install a hurricane-safe door early, before the start of the hurricane season. This ensures that your new door is in place before the next storm hits Florida. It also allows you to take advantage of discounts and incentives that many insurance companies offer for homeowners who have hurricane protection in their homes.

Custom Screen

As a Florida homeowner, you want your home to be protected from the harsh coastal weather elements. However, you don’t want to compromise on style or beauty. You can achieve both when you choose a replacement door that’s visually appealing, yet energy efficient and durable.

Adding a front entryway with a screened door to your home offers a wide range of benefits, from improving curb appeal to boosting indoor air quality. These doors can also help to keep insects and reptiles out of your home.

Moreover, a front door with a screen allows you to enjoy the beautiful Florida breezes without having to worry about bugs crawling inside your house. It also eliminates landscape debris, such as grass cuttings that fall into the front door and can be tracked inside. It also keeps spider webs and wasps’ nests out of your home. This makes your home more comfortable and inviting. You can even add a decorative screen entry door to match your home’s architectural design.


Whether you are worried about break-ins or severe weather damage, a reliable front door is key to maintaining home security and peace of mind. Our professionals can help you select a new front door with features that will prevent these issues from occurring.

For example, if you have a glass front door with a peephole or a security camera installed, potential burglars will have more difficulty looking inside. Similarly, installing a draft excluder letterbox can stop individuals who are up to no good from getting a clear view of your home or business.

Additionally, our composite PF door frames and doors are made from materials that will not rot or wear out under the constant exposure to moisture and sunlight. This will make your front door much more secure than traditional wooden frames and jambs. Pair this with an impact-resistant, fiberglass door, and you have a nearly impenetrable entryway that will keep you safe while you are at home or away.