Upgrading Your Front Entry Doors in Green Cove Springs FL

Front entry doors Green Cove Springs FL

Your front door makes an important first impression on visitors and is critical to your home’s security and energy efficiency. Upgrading it can make a significant difference in both.

Professional door installation and replacement services in Green Cove Springs FL offer a variety of options for customization. Choose a color that reflects sunlight to help mitigate heat absorption and lower energy costs.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is a buyer’s first impression of the home they are interested in buying. It can include everything from the color of your home to the front yard and entryway, to the welcoming touches like a welcome mat or potted plants. Investing in curb appeal can be an excellent way to attract potential buyers and increase your property value.

Real estate agents know the importance of a home’s curb appeal and are often responsible for helping homeowners improve it before they put their homes on the market. A well-maintained, attractive exterior can be the key to selling a home quickly and for a good price. When buyers see a clean, beautiful home on the outside, they assume the inside is also well maintained and appealing. This halo effect can help overcome even minor disconfirming evidence, such as worn carpeting or dirty appliances. As lot sizes shrink and houses become smaller, curb appeal has been an important factor in attracting buyers.


Your front door does more than welcome guests and create a great first impression, it protects your home from burglars and severe Atlantic hurricanes. That’s why it needs to be tough. Wright’s offers Plastpro fiberglass doors that are WBD-rated and tested for impact resistance to ensure your house is safe from intruders, while also providing protection against the elements.

For extra security, choose an outward-opening door that’s equipped with protected hinges. These features make it more difficult for criminals to remove your door and enter your house, and they’re ideal for Green Cove Springs homes with small children or pets.

You can also add a doorbell for a more personal touch and to give you peace of mind when you’re not at home. Plus, you can install sidelights and transoms to increase the amount of glass in your entranceway. Just be sure to choose a design that complements the rest of your home’s aesthetic and ensures you’re not creating an open invitation for burglars.

Energy Efficiency

A standard front door can leak air and create drafts, resulting in higher energy bills. Replacing it with an insulated door can improve your home’s efficiency while enhancing its comfort levels.

Coastal Green Energy Solutions can help you choose the right door to suit your home’s architecture. Whether you prefer the classic look of wood doors or the minimalist design of steel-clad doors, we can provide energy efficient options. Some of these doors are also available with a Low-E coating, which helps reduce heat transfer and minimizes harmful UV rays.

Rustic-style doors evoke a cozy ambiance, while steel and fiberglass doors feature clean lines and a sleek appearance. They are ideal for homes in Green Cove Springs that have a modern or contemporary architecture. These doors are also rated with an R-factor, which indicates their insulating value. In addition, they can be adorned with decorative windows that increase your home’s curb appeal. They can be further customized with storm doors and a wide range of colors.

Hurricane Resistance

A severe wind storm or hurricane can bring down trees, destroy roofs, and damage the exterior of your home. If you are in an area with high risk of a hurricane, you should consider installing impact doors to protect your home from the destructive effects of wind-borne debris and water.

These doors are rated to stay strong against powerful winds and flying projectiles, but they also offer additional security protection for your home by resisting break-in attempts. They have an added laminate layer that prevents glass from shattering and exposing your home to the elements.

Front entry doors Green Cove Springs FL not only increase your curb appeal and improve the safety of your home, they can also save you money by improving energy efficiency. These doors block harmful UV rays, trap heat and cold, and muffle noises like cars and lawnmowers, making your home more comfortable. They can even help you qualify for a discount on your homeowner’s insurance.